Our Impact

"Books@Work improves people’s ability to critically think and analyze problems."

Benne Hutson

Director, Environmental and Deputy General Counsel, EnPro Industries

"For any business to be successful, you need people who can think. Not just do. Think. Books@Work improves people's ability to critically think and analyze problems, because they are exposed to looking at problems in different ways. If somebody is presented with a business problem, and they look at it in one way, that’s great. But if somebody else can look at it in six different ways, I want that second person."

How does my company benefit?

Our growing body of evidence from Books@Work programs points to significant impact at the individual level, the team level and on organizational culture.

Will my employees be interested? Ask them! Too often, we see management underestimate the curiosity and interest of their employees.

We are happy to present Books@Work or to provide materials for you to share to gauge whether there is sufficient interest to pilot a program. Get in touch here.

What do people say about Books@Work?

Builds Confidence

“If you speak in this setting and you feel more comfortable giving your opinion, it encourages you to speak up in other settings.”

Participant, Manufacturing Company

Fosters Respect and Creates Space for Diversity

“I really learned from people and it didn’t matter what our titles were.”

“This program opens up your mind to the possibility that there is another way to handle or see things, and that not everybody is the same.”

Participant, Hospitality Company

Develops Trust

“When we take the time to exchange ideas and feelings outside the work environment, we build a deeper trust inside the work environment.”

Participant, Manufacturing Company

Creates Connections

“It helps you connect with your co-workers on a different level. When you understand someone, you can work with them more easily.”

Participant, Professional Service Firm

Enables Engagement

“People feel more comfortable with each other, more forgiving on conflicts or different opinions. These guys are more engaged than the rest of my organization – they take more initiative.”

Supervisor, Manufacturing Company

In Their Words