The Power of Story: Our 2015 Annual Report

The Power of Story: Our 2015 Annual Report

In surveys and interviews – nearly 350 to date – our participants’ stories confirm our aspirations: Books@Work provides a safe space to reflect and share, creating the conditions for effective collaboration and more diverse and inclusive organizations and community.

Books@Work is growing – and learning, which is why I am pleased to announce the release of our 2015 Annual Report. In it, we celebrate our learnings and discoveries. During the time this report covers – January 1 to December 31, 2015 – we served 586 participants in 40 programs in both company and community settings, partnering with 87 professors from 25 colleges in 8 states. Collectively, our participants read 101 books and many short stories.

Books@Work strengthens organizations, enhances individual and team skills, nurtures open and inclusive cultures and builds quality social connections among participants. By bringing narrative literature into the workplace, Books@Work encourages empathy and a greater tolerance for diversity. It gives us a space to think through deeply human issues and to exercise our voices.

Inside the report, you’ll:


  • Find out why we use exclusively narrative literature in our programs – and see examples of how narrative empowers individuals to share their stories and embrace others’ perspectives.
  • Learn more about the program’s layered impact, affecting individuals, teams and the culture of an organization – through the power of high-quality social interactions.
  • Explore last year’s unique lessons on the power of Books@Work in teams and in the community, and about the differences between the Books@Work seminar and the college classroom.
  • Find a summary of our research aspirations, information about our financials and an appreciation of our donors and partners.

We at Books@Work acknowledge the unbridled power of story, and we recognize that our own story is shaped by you – our friends, participants and supporters. Thank you for all you have done to make our journey to this point a success!

Download the Books@Work Annual Report here, or view it online.

Previous annual reports are available on our website.

Image: Toka Mitsuoki, Autumn Maple with Poem Slips, 1654, Art Institute of Chicago, [Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons

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Ann Kowal Smith

Ann Kowal Smith

Ann Kowal Smith is the Founder and Executive Director of Books@Work.