Weekend Reading: September 2016

Weekend Reading: September 2016

Image: Vincent van Gogh, Still Life with French Novels, 1887, The Robert Holmes à Court Collection, Perth [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Looking for something to read this weekend? We’ve scoured the web for thought-provoking articles and essays. Enjoy!

In a recent piece explaining “How Senior Executives Find Time to Be Creative,” The Happiness Track author Emma Seppala points out that “the number-one attribute CEOs look for in their incoming workforce” is creativity. She goes on to pack her article with tips for fostering creativity day in and day out – even on a busy schedule. Quoting executives from Google and Salesforce, among many others, Seppala particularly exhorts readers to “seek out unfamiliarity,” especially by embracing new perspectives, and to “get feedback from diverse sources,” making sure to really listen to what others have to say. A quote from Riverbed’s Phil Harris further explains this last point: “When we are in a room, there are no titles, grades, seniority. All voices have equal weight and all have equal time. Everyone knows they are listened to, and their contribution is always given time.”

Pair Seppala’s article with our own thoughts on fostering creativity at work.

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Cecily Erin Hill

Cecily Erin Hill

Cecily Hill is the Project Director, NEH for All at the National Humanities Alliance and former member of the Books@Work team.